Friday, November 23, 2007


where's Doc's crafts?

Remember, you can catch up on my newest craft projects on and check out my Etsy site at

Monday, August 06, 2007


New Blog/New Site

Hello cool world,

I'd like to announce that all my blogging will henceforth occur on! is Doctor Popular's new internet hub. I have a shit ton of sites and instead of consolidating them... I started a new one! But now you can see easy links to all things DocPopish*.

You wanna hear about our Dirty Little Secret re-union? Go to the blog.

Wanna see the Make Magazine podcast I did with Dale Dougherty and Ezra Daly? Go to the blog.

Did you miss Lo Fi St. Louis's mini-doc[pop]umentary? Go to the blog.

Speaking of LFSL, thanks to Bill Streeter for helping with the new site and to my buddy and fellow podcast Josh Parker for help and hosting.

For those of you using an rss reader, is the new feed, and for the two of you who don't know what an rss reader is, read this and consider using Newsgator.

The site is not in it's final design yet, but I am moving my blogging over there anyway.

*sexy, funny, cool

Thursday, August 02, 2007



Spent all day sewing coffee cozies then I bought some 40 oz and 24 oz beers for research.

I'm assuming I can write these off.

I got a custom order from Matt Dalton today to make a beer cozy similar to my last one, but for a smaller bottle. He wants a matching wallet as well.


Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Weight for it

I mentioned before that I have started trying to lose weight. Well, for a while it seemed that delving below 209 pounds seemed challenging (every time I would come close, my weight would shoot back up to 212 overnight and it would take 3 days to get it back down) but I have finally conquered 209. My average weight now seems to be 206 (with peaks of 208 and the lowest I've seen at 204.5).

So I imagine I'll stick at this weight for a while then see another average drop to around 200 maybe.

So, that's 10 pounds lost, without too much work really. We were going to the gym every single day, where as now we go two times a week, but I am walking all the time now. Dropping off jeans at Self Edge, or walking to Embarcedaro to get my sellers permit, etc. I'm also eating salads more now, which is really challenging... Most salads seemed designed for two people and cost $10. That sucks for someone who wants to get a nice salad by themselves over lunch.

One thing that I've noticed is how much drinking affects weight. I mean I knew about it before, but jesus, I can totally see it now.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


40 ounces of denim

Please note, my blog has moved to Check it out for my newest writing. Please don't link to this blog entry, you can use instead.

I went to Zeitgeist friday night with Emma and her friend Poncho. Avoiding my usual rules, I mixed different alcohols. Starting with an order of 3 shots of Fernet and a bottle of nigori sake, then a shot of whiskey and some of Poncho's tequila. I think there is probably a rule that anybody named Poncho has to have tequila on their person. Did you know Poncho is short for Francisco? Sort of a Bob/Robert thing. Hmm... I live in San Pancho? That works.

Anyways, the tequila was followed by Purple Hooters shots, and then I walked home. Needless to say, Saturday morning was rough. Actually, Saturday afternoon was rough, I woke up at 12:30, then decided to go back to sleep and get rid of my headache. I finally woke up at 4 and, after a bowl of ramen with egg, decided to make the worlds dopest selvage beer cozy.

It's sexy ain't it? Even cuter than my coffee cozies. The bottom is leather.

update: Thanks for checking out my coffee cozy. Please note that my blog has moved to Click here to see some of my newer crafts (and denim related projects). Or check out my Etsy account at!


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